These are authentic original "Morning Chronicle, and London Advertiser" newspapers from various dates in 1779.  The paper in these newspapers is hand-laid, probably from cotton, and is strong and pliable.  It can be handled and read without danger of falling apart.  Most copies have a brownish-red half-penny tax stamp in the lower right hand corner of page one.  Each paper has four pages , each of which is about 12 by 18 inches.  In addition to current news items of that time, there are also theatre notices, notices of sales of land and other items, navy office notices, lottery notices, notices of medical and dental treatments and cures, House of Lords Business Reports, and advertisements for passengers and freight on ships embarking on voyages to various ports, including such places as New York, Genoa, and Gibraltar. Some of the most interesting notices are for the sale of cargo from various captured ships.  Items for sale include hogsheads of tobacco, casks of sugar, hides in the hair, hogsheads of fine Medoe Claret, cotton, cocoa, clayed sugar, cases of China ware, chests of tea, cloth, rice, almonds, olives, perfume, Virginia wool, Carolina indigo, Lignum Vita, tortoise shell, Cassia Fistula, elephants teeth, raw silk, goats hair, tar, pitch and hundreds of other items.  A specific sale of cargo from La Pilote, a French prize captured by the Hannah included 343 Hogsheads of clayed sugar, 90 Barrels of coffee, 282 Bags of cocoa, and 18,000 pounds of Cassia Fistula.