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(F11)   Pitch Pine Wardrobe (SOLD)

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F11  This wardrobe is from Mechelen, Belgium which is situated between Antwerp and Brussels.  It is made of pitch pine (heart pine) that was probably imported into Belgium as large timbers from the southeastern United States in the 1800's.  These timbers were used largely in shipbuilding and as structural timbers in warehouses and other buildings.  Some of these timbers were ripped into planks and utilized in furniture such as this wardrobe.  This wardrobe was made so it can be taken apart into about 13 pieces within a few minutes.  This feature allows the piece to be easily moved into tight places and up flights of stairs.  It can be put back together in about 15 minutes and is fastened securely together with only 4 steel wedges.  The doors are not hinged, but are supported by upper and lower pins which are the pivot points for opening and closing the doors.  The doors must be held securely in place while taking the piece apart or putting it back together.  The carving on this wardrobe was done by skilled craftsmen with hand tools in the mid to late 1800's.